Coverys is known throughout the industry for its superior claims handling staff, comprised of experienced nurses, attorneys and industry professionals. We have a strong record of success, with more than three decades of experience defending and winning cases for our policyholders.

The claim process begins when you are formally notified by a patient or his/her family or legal representative that something you did or did not do caused harm. Once we are notified and have verified coverage, the investigation begins. The allegations are investigated through statements, expert reviews, research and other appropriate means. After the investigation is complete, a strategy for resolution, either through settlement or defense, is then determined.

Recognizing the potential emotional and professional impact of a claim, we keep you involved and informed throughout the process. We also provide a range of expertise and services to help you in your defense.

For a long time, Coverys has had solid relationships with both medical experts and the region’s top medical professional liability law firms. Our selected firms have a track record of competency in the field of medical professional liability defense and have had outstanding success defending healthcare providers.

Resources for policyholders: 

Claim Loss History and Coverage Verification Form
Claim FAQs 
Coverys’ position on Never Events