Healthcare providers who place an emphasis on proactive risk management strategies, quality outcomes, and patient safety will improve patient care as well as benefit financially in today’s healthcare environment. As a leading provider of innovative risk management services with nationwide experience in hospitals, physician practices and clinical settings, we can help you achieve success. Our risk management products and services are designed to:

  • Proactively identify and mitigate risk
  • Reduce exposures to positively impact financial outcomes
  • Enhance the quality of patient care and safety

Three Pillars of Support

Our risk management program uses a three pillar approach of support to help you implement an effective risk management program. As a Coverys insured you’ll receive comprehensive products and services designed to overcome the demands in healthcare.


Personalized consultative services will help you implement best practices and identify your unique risk challenges and opportunities. Our consultants bring an unbiased view to your organization and help you identify and overcome challenges. Consultation services vary by policyholder; consult your Coverys representative for individual details.

  Services may include:

Coverys provides policyholders with a wealth of relevant tools and resources: information on risk mitigation strategies, areas of emerging liability, and a virtual library of resources to help implement best practices.

  Resources include:

Coverys offers many educational programs and options to fit different learning styles and time constraints. Access to a policyholder website which includes downloadable programs and live webinars and a continuing medical education (CME) website offers online learning at

  Services include:

Experienced Risk Management Consultants

The Coverys risk management staff are skilled leaders in healthcare, patient safety, and healthcare liability prevention. You can benefit from our national experience conducting extensive on-site assessments in a wide variety of specialties and experience with innovative risk management resources. We strive to provide timely, responsive and efficient services to support client’s needs in this ever-evolving healthcare environment.

For more information on Coverys risk management services, please contact us at 800.225.6168, option 9 or email us at
If you are not a Coverys insured and are interested in purchasing risk services, please click here.

Disclosure and Apology
Just-In-Time Module

To better support Coverys policyholders in the process of disclosure, we are offering Just-In-Time training. Developed in conjunction with the Center for Clinical Communication and Performance Outcomes at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, this Just-In-Time program is a quick and concise program on the principles and steps of disclosure and apology.

To access the 15-minute program, click here.

*CME Credits are not awarded for completion of the Just-In-Time program.