Please note: New grant submission has been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please revisit this webpage in the future for information on a new submission schedule.

About the Patient Safety/Quality Improvement Grant Program

Coverys is committed to supporting healthcare providers to enhance their culture of safety, reduce risk, and improve clinical outcomes. To evidence this commitment, Coverys, through funding from the Coverys Community Healthcare Foundation (CCHF), has established the Patient Safety/Quality Improvement Grant Program (Program) to support policyholder endeavors to address patient safety challenges and enhance clinical outcomes. We believe the opportunity to fund projects of this nature will have a significant influence on reducing medical professional liability claims—a win/win for providers and patients.

Healthcare delivery is complex. The complexity results from continuous innovation in terms of new diagnostic and treatment options, changing practice patterns, rules for payer reimbursement, and other disruptions in the day-to-day delivery of care. These changes can have an unintended negative impact on certain areas of patient safety and/or clinical outcomes. Developing a targeted set of solutions that address known or potential areas of risk to patients through risk management and quality improvement initiatives can lead to better healthcare delivery. This is what the Program is all about.


Program Focus

The Program will fund approved grant projects focused on implementing new or enhanced patient safety initiatives and improving clinical outcomes. A theme will be selected each year that will target a specific area of patient safety or outcome improvement. The theme will be derived from Coverys' medical professional liability claims analytics or trending areas of risk or outcomes.


Grant Awards

The maximum amount of funding available for an approved grant is $20,000.


Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility to submit an application under the Program is limited to any First Named Insured on a primary medical professional liability insurance policy issued by a Coverys underwriting company, except as excluded below. First Named Insured means the individual or entity listed as such on the Declarations page of your policy. Program applicants must have First Named Insured status at the time the grant is awarded.

Insureds with coverage provided through any of the following arrangements are not eligible for the Program:
  • Excess or surplus lines policies, including any policy issued by Coverys Specialty Insurance Company.
  • Reinsurance or fronting arrangements with Coverys.
  • Policies issued by any Coverys-affiliated risk retention group, including Coverys RRG or Preferred Professional RRG.
  • Any cell or segregated captive program maintained by one of Coverys’ captive facilities.

Schedule for Submission and Selection

Submission time period to be moved to a future date in response to COVID-19 pandemic.

We will update this webpage and inform eligible policyholders when a revised submission schedule has been finalized.

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