Leading Medical Liability Insurer Donates More Than $300,000 To Support Physician Well-Being

Boston, MA - March 1, 2011 - Today, ProMutual Group, a leading provider of medical professional liability insurance, announced the results of the physician health services portion of its annual philanthropy series. In 2010, ProMutual Group donated more than $300,000 to physician health programs in several states where it currently operates. ProMutual Group selected the programs based on how closely they align with the company’s mission of promoting physician well-being and patient safety. Donations were distributed to the following programs throughout 2010:
  • The Professional Assistance Program of New Jersey
  • Medical Professionals’ Health Program of Maine
  • The Vermont Practitioner Health Program
  • Connecticut State Medical Society’s Physicians Health and Education Fund
  • Rhode Island Medical Society’s Physician Health Services Fund
  • Pennsylvania Medical Society’s Physicians’ Health Programs
  • New Hampshire Professional Health Program
  • Massachusetts Medical Society’s Physician Health Services
These beneficiaries of ProMutual Group’s donations emphasize physician well-being and patient safety through the education, treatment and assistance of healthcare providers experiencing any health-related problems. The aim of the programs is to be a resource to healthcare providers and assist them in early identification, prevention and recovery so they may continue their roles as successful caregivers.

“Programs that promote physician well-being are integral to both the success of patient care and the healthcare system,” said Gregg L. Hanson, chief operating officer for ProMutual Group. “A focus on such programs is particularly important considering today’s challenging healthcare environment and we are proud to support these outstanding programs that do so much to keep physicians healthy and taking care of patients.”

The impact of physician health problems resonates throughout the healthcare community and spans personal and professional relationships. Recognizing its critical importance, ProMutual Group remains a committed contributor and is approaching a total contribution of nearly $3 million over the past decade to physician health programs in several states where the company operates.

“The availability of and support provided by physician health programs is essential to many doctors,” said Dr. Luis T. Sanchez, M.D., director of Physician Health Services, Inc. in Massachusetts. “By providing assistance and prevention programs for physicians with health related concerns, we are ultimately promoting patient safety. We rely heavily on the involvement of medical professional liability insurance carriers such as ProMutual Group and we deeply appreciate ProMutual Group’s steadfast support of our mission.”

For more information about ProMutual Group and its charitable contributions to physician health programs, visit the company’s website at

About ProMutual Group

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