Coverys and Logical Images Announce Expansion of VisualDx® Risk Management CME Program

Point-of-Care CME Program Now Available to All VisualDx Customers

Boston, MA - September 15, 2014 -

Coverys, a leading provider of medical professional liability insurance, and Logical Images, developers of VisualDx diagnostic clinical decision support, have announced the expansion of their point-of-care continuing medical education (CME) program to enhance diagnosis. The point-of-care CME program, which focuses awareness on diagnostic error and delay to help reduce misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, or delay in diagnosis, will now be available to all VisualDx customers at no additional cost.

“We are pleased to take VisualDx beyond our policyholders by awarding CME credit for any US physician who utilizes the VisualDx database. VisualDx enhances diagnosis, and we felt it was important to offer CME credit for as many physicians as possible to support decision- making tools for accurate diagnoses and increased patient safety,” said Geri Amori, PhD, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Coverys. “Coverys continually works to provide policyholders with physician education CME programs that are relevant to current healthcare trends, and the VisualDx Risk Management CME Program supports this effort.”

“Our initial partnership with Coverys to provide CME credit and premium discounts for their insured physicians for using a diagnostic reference was an innovative approach to clinical risk reduction,” said Art Papier MD, CEO of Logical Images, Inc. “We are proud to expand this partnership to now provide this CME program to all our VisualDx customers to further improve patient-specific diagnostic information accuracy.”

Diagnostic error and delay are leading causes of injury to the patient and risk to the practicing clinician, as well as significant contributors to medical malpractice lawsuits. The intent of the VisualDx Risk Management CME Program’s design is to provide an efficient and timely method for the acquisition of risk management CME credits through point-of-care tracking of clinical inquiries.

VisualDx ( is a visual clinical decision support system for diagnostic accuracy. VisualDx guides the clinician using the natural human ability for pattern recognition and spans adult and pediatric clinical medicine, covering skin, infectious, metabolic, nutritional, genetic, and immunologic diseases and adverse drug reactions. 


About Coverys

Coverys is the eighth largest medical professional liability insurance provider in the country based on direct written premium. Coverys companies insure more than 25,000 physicians, dentists, and allied healthcare providers, as well as more than 500 hospitals, health centers and clinics in 27 states from coast to coast. Coverys has net admitted assets of $3.4 billion and direct written premium of $363 million as of December 31, 2013. In addition, Coverys insurance companies Medical Professional Mutual Insurance Company (“ProMutual”) and ProSelect Insurance Company, as well as ProMutual-sponsored Coverys RRG, Inc. have a Best’s Rating of A (Excellent). MHA Insurance Company and Washington Casualty Company have a Best’s Rating of A- (Excellent).

Coverys emphasizes physician education and patient safety, and the company is acknowledged as a leader in providing supportive risk management services and resolute claim defense to the healthcare community. For more information, visit Coverys at

About Logical Images

Based in Rochester, New York, Logical Images ( develops healthcare tools to elevate diagnostic accuracy, enhance medical education, and heighten patient knowledge. Logical Images has developed a comprehensive digital medical image library including 100,000 images representing all ages and skin types. This extensive collection is the foundation for both the VisualDx professional tool and the Skinsight consumer tool – designed to speed disease recognition for faster, more accurate decision making and patient understanding.

For more information about Logical Images, Inc., please contact Art Papier, MD, Chief Executive Officer, at or (585) 272-2630, or visit the company’s website at