Supporting Physicians’ Health and Well-Being With Funding in 2016

Twelve health programs across the country focused on the health of medical providers receive funding

Boston, MA - February 16, 2017 - As part of the Coverys Community Healthcare Foundation, Inc.’s (CCHF) mission to improve patient safety and quality of care, ensuring the health of providers is an important first step.
“In recent years, it has become more evident that support for physician health is needed across the country,” says Donna Norris, MD, board member and chair of the Coverys Charitable Giving Committee. “Coverys is proud to contribute to the efforts of these organizations that are helping thousands of medical providers find solutions to problems involving physical and mental health, and more. The connection between the support of medical providers’ well-being and improving the access and quality of patient care is significant and something that Coverys feels very strongly about.”
In 2016, the CCHF gave more than half a million dollars in charitable donations to 12 programs across the country in support of physicians, residents, and medical students struggling with behavioral or mental health issues, physical illness, and other work-related stressors.
Recipients include:
  • Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society - PHP Program, Education & Outreach
  • HAVEN - Health Assistance InterVention Education Network
  • Maine Medical Professionals Health Program
  • New Hampshire Professionals Health Program
  • North Dakota Professional Health Program
  • Ohio Physician Health Program, Inc.
  • Physicians Health Services, Inc.
  • Professional Assistance Program of New Jersey
  • Rhode Island Medical Society
  • Ulliance - Health Professional Recovery Program
  • Vermont Practitioner Health Program
  • Washington Physicians Health Program
“Our new occupational health program, supported in part by CCHF, has been publicized throughout Massachusetts and is available to thousands of providers,” said Steven A. Adelman, MD, director of Physician Health Services, Inc. “This innovative program works to solve physicians’ problematic workplace behaviors that have the potential to negatively impact quality of care and patient safety and satisfaction.”
“The Washington Physicians Health Program thanks CCHF for their generous charitable contribution in 2016 which will underwrite WPHP’s work to support physicians’ health in Washington state,” said Sheldon Cooper, Executive Director, Washington Physicians Health Program. “Each year WPHP supports the ongoing recovery of over 300 doctors, assisting them to regain their health and practice safely. This work would not be possible without the support of CCHF and others.”  
“HAVEN is seeing the devastating consequences of stress, burnout, and loss of emotional resilience in Connecticut health professionals,” said Maureen Sullivan Dinnan, JD, executive director, HAVEN. “CCHF’s support for health and wellness gives hope to the professionals who find themselves working with HAVEN and demonstrates respect for the individual providers as well as an investment in the Connecticut medical community that is deeply appreciated.” 
“CCHF’s increased support helps the Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society’s Physicians’ Health Program ultimately ensure patient safety. In the last year, we heightened our ability to provide confidential monitoring, screening, and advocacy for medical students, physicians, and healthcare providers who may be suffering from addiction or mental health issues,” said Marjorie Lamberson, CFRE, director of philanthropy and member engagement for the Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society. “CCHF’s contribution means our specialized staff is able to reach more physicians in their time of need.”
Since 2013, the CCHF has provided over $1.7 million in charitable donations to various health service programs for medical providers throughout the United States.