High Rate of Diagnostic Error Prompts Research Funding

Coverys Community Healthcare Foundation has issued a Request for Proposals to fund projects to improve diagnostic accuracy.

Boston, MA - April 30, 2018 - Failure to promptly and accurately diagnose a patient’s condition is a significant problem. Experts agree that the number of missed, wrong, and delayed diagnoses is significantly higher than what the claims data shows. The recently published Coverys’ Dose of Insight report names diagnosis-related events the single largest root cause of medical professional liability claims.
Coverys, through the Coverys Community Healthcare Foundation, Inc. (“Foundation”), is taking steps to address this challenge. With its recently released Request for Proposals: Improving Diagnostic Accuracy, the Foundation is reaching out to healthcare stakeholders offering to support focused research and projects that demonstrate the role and effectiveness that new approaches, new models and innovative thinking can have on consistently making accurate, prompt and complete diagnoses. 
“When opportunities are identified that can lead to better patient outcomes, it is a call to action,” said Donna M. Norris, MD., Coverys board member and chair of the Coverys Charitable Giving Committee. “That is why the Foundation has set aside funding to support research and projects to improve the diagnostic journey.”
“Coverys has a wealth of data that we have utilized to outline the challenge.  Through the Request for Proposals, the Foundation hopes to inspire research projects that will demonstrate new approaches that have the greatest potential to produce replicable processes for achieving prompt and accurate diagnoses,” said Robert Hanscom, Coverys Vice President of Business Analytics.
Preferred proposals include the application of research, process changes, and education directly transferable to the clinical setting. Grant-funded initiatives are open to any clinical discipline.
Total funding of up to $3 million for this initiative is available through the Foundation with each approved submission capped at $300,000.  The deadline for submissions is July 30, 2018. Grants will be announced by November 1, 2018.
To review the Request for Proposals, visit www.coverys.com.