MPL Coverage Form Available

Claims-Made – Provides protection for covered medical professional liability insurance claims which occur on or after a retroactive date and are reported during the policy period or an extended reporting period, if applicable.

Primary Policy Limits

Primary policy limits are available of up to $2,000,000 per claim.

Key Coverage Highlights

Broad Definition of Insured – Shared coverage provided for all non-physician employees, students and volunteers while acting within their scope of duties; separate limits offered for an additional premium.

Medical Corporations – Coverage included for solely owned professional medical corporations.

Consent to Settle – Coverys will not settle a claim or suit without the named insured’s written consent, where approved.

Locum Tenens Coverage – Available for temporary absences from professional practice up to a maximum of 45 days during a policy period.

Worldwide Coverage – Coverage applies for suits brought within the United States, its territories and possessions, or Canada.

Vicarious Liability Coverage – Provided for claims arising out of professional acts or omissions by someone for whom the policyholder is legally responsible.

Cyber/Regulatory Liability Coverage – Free coverage for cyber liability, including data security breaches, and regulatory claims. Included within this coverage is the cost for experienced attorneys and legal consultants who specialize in such cases, as well as comprehensive support to mitigate these risks, from beginning to end, where approved.

Extended Reporting Period Coverage – Free endorsement for an extended reporting period endorsement (also known as “tail” coverage) is available in the event of death, disability and retirement; for a retirement tail, certain eligibility requirements may apply.

Additional Feature

Allied Healthcare Providers – Nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other medical employees can be added as insureds with separate limits of liability for an additional premium.