Coverys Celebrates Launch of Charitable Foundation

Support Charities and Organizations That Benefit the Healthcare Community

Boston, MA - June 3, 2013 - Medical Professional Mutual Insurance Company is proud to announce the creation of the Coverys Community Healthcare Foundation (“the Foundation”). The Foundation was established to support charitable endeavors that provide healthcare services, thus improving patient safety and care. Coverys remains a consistent support for non- profit organizations and state/regional medical societies and will expand its focus to include innovative projects committed to enriching the healthcare community. Through funding, the Foundation positively reinforces charitable organizations and innovative programs affiliated with the healthcare community, including causes in which Coverys employees are involved. The development of the Foundation exemplifies Coverys’ dedication to being an affirmative and active corporate citizen in the healthcare community and the communities in which it operates.

“We are in the unique and fortunate position to be able to provide assistance to deserving healthcare organizations and individuals,” said Gregg L. Hanson, CEO and president of Coverys. “We are committed to protecting the livelihoods of healthcare providers and thereby working to improve the delivery of care and overall strength of healthcare in nearby communities.”

Coverys has long been a supporter and contributor to programs that promote physician well- being and patient safety through the education, treatment and assistance of healthcare providers. Past recipients have included:
  • Massachusetts Medical Society’s Physician Health Services
  • The Professional Assistance Program of New Jersey Medical
  • Professionals’ Health Program of Maine
  • The Vermont Practitioner Health Program
  • Connecticut State Medical Society’s Physicians Health and Education Fund
  • Rhode Island Medical Society’s Physician Health Services Fund
  • Pennsylvania Medical Society’s Physicians’ Health Programs
  • New Hampshire Professional Health Program
Organizations that wish to apply for grants and donations can do so at For more information about Coverys, contact Loren LeVasseur, public relations specialist, at (617) 946-8665 or

About Coverys

Coverys is one of the top 10 medical professional liability insurance providers in the country based on direct written premium. Coverys member companies insure more than 25,000 physicians, surgeons, dentists, certified nurse midwives and allied healthcare providers, as well as more than 500 hospitals, health centers and clinics in 23 states from coast to coast. Coverys has  net admitted assets of $3.3 billion, direct written premium of $368 million and policyholder surplus of $1.3 billion, as of December 31, 2012. In addition, Coverys member insurance companies Medical Professional Mutual Insurance Company (“ProMutual”) and ProSelect Insurance Company (“ProSelect”), as well as ProMutual-sponsored Coverys RRG, Inc. (“Coverys RRG”) have a Best’s Rating of A (Excellent). MHA Insurance Company (“MHAIC”) and Washington Casualty Company (“WCC”) have a Best’s Rating of A- (Excellent).

Coverys emphasizes physician education and patient safety, and the company is acknowledged as a leader in providing supportive risk management services and resolute claim defense to the healthcare community. Coverys also offers a variety of interactive and relevant continuing medical education (CME) activities to healthcare providers across the country. For more information visit the Coverys website at Timely industry and company news can also be found on the Coverys blog at, on Twitter (@Coverys) and on the company’s Facebook page.