Coverys has the experience to help with custom insurance solutions that meet the unique needs of your organization. We invite you to learn more about Coverys Custom Accounts, below, as well as Coverys Managing Agency and Coverys Syndicate 1975.

Coverys Custom Accounts

Coverys Custom Accounts (CCA) is a large account underwriting division focused on solutions for large healthcare systems, community hospitals and large group practices. CCA provides sophisticated insurance and reinsurance capacity, enhanced risk management and risk education services, and assistance in enhancing margins through the improvement of quality outcomes.

CCA combines A-rated insurance and reinsurance capacity with large account program creativity, flexibility to affect measurable change. Our many services include:
  • Excess insurance and reinsurance programs supporting healthcare liability captive insurance companies
  • Capacity in excess of, and cutting-edge services directly supporting, self-insured retentions and deductibles where insureds maintain funded balance sheet risk
  • Resources needed to evaluate and structure loss portfolio transfers from captive and self-insurance programs that may no longer meet the needs of consolidating hospitals or large practice groups migrating to hospital system employment
  • Employed medical staff insurance capacity that can exist symbiotically alongside hospital system self-insurance programs, where joint risk management, joint defense and shared capacity are in evidence

Coverys Custom Accounts Underwriting Profile

We can address and offer the following:
  • Provide up to $25 million in HPL/PPL/GL and umbrella limits on a following or non-following form excess or reinsurance for captive insurance companies, with separate towers of coverage applying as may be needed
  • Segregate employed physicians within a healthcare system to accommodate older retro dates, special acquisition issues or the need to create a separate source of coverage for a healthcare system outside of retained HPL limits
  • Provide excess of loss coverage, quota share coverage and subscription participation reinsurance support for single-parent captives, RRGs or group and rent-a-captive scenarios
  • Collaborate with existing in-house risk and claims management resources to support enhanced practitioner education, risk mitigation and the achievement of critical metrics

Read the Custom Accounts fact sheet