When an employee experiences a workplace injury, do you know how to effectively reduce recovery time and manage medical costs? Let us help. Coverys Medical Management Services can assist you in effectively managing employee injuries, exposures and disabilities.

The Coverys Medical Management team consists of experienced nurse case managers who collaborate with you, your injured employees, medical providers and your workers’ compensation claims consultant to improve outcomes, lower costs and enhance the efficient return of employees to productivity.

Our medical management services coordinate care to ensure that your employees are back to work while keeping workplace safety at the forefront of decision making.

Focused on Your Needs—and Those of Your Employees

Employer focused
  • The most significant expenses of employee injuries are those associated with medical diagnosis and treatment, and the related time away from work. Our medical management services take advantage of medical utilization data to identify cost-effective treatment paths to support the claims management decision process.
  • Medical providers deliver care and treatment with the goal of recovery. We provide an enhanced focus to these efforts by concentrating on timeliness and the reasonable necessity of care that is associated with job requirements to bring employees back to the workplace as soon as medically indicated or with reasonable work restrictions. 
  • Returning your injured employees to work and supporting a productive workplace are keys to reducing workers' compensation costs. Our experienced medical management nurses are available to identify effective workplace accommodations and support return-to-work options.
Employee focused
  • Getting the right treatment at the right time can make a difference in recovery. That’s why we stress early intervention to ensure proper procedures and treatments are administered timely.
  • Your employees may know how to use the healthcare system, but the workers’ compensation system is a whole different arena—we provide guidance to navigate this system to reduce the added stress of the unknown.
  • Above all, we understand the emotional and financial needs of employees to stay connected to their workplace, including their colleagues. When appropriate, we help employees re-enter the workplace by providing job coaching and using return-to-work options so they can continue to add value to their work teams.