A healthcare organization’s greatest asset is its employees. At Coverys, we believe that the safety of your employees is integral to the safety of your patients. Our focus on risk control is critical to delivering effective solutions to enhance workplace safety and reduce employee injuries. 

Keep Your Employees Safe

We help healthcare organizations reduce and prevent occupational accidents and illnesses through proven, proactive strategies that:
  • Transform safety cultures
  • Reduce costly “lost time” injuries
  • Improve employee performance
  • Enhance patient safety
  • Create safer work environments

Put Coverys Risk Control in Place

Choose from a range of services, tools and resources:

Live and Online Webinar Series

Engaging, educational, live webinars are designed for healthcare providers who understand the need for ongoing health and safety education. These webinars feature both internal experts and nationally known specialists who speak on relevant topics that healthcare providers encounter daily. View the webinar series. Coverys Workers’ Compensation clients are invited to attend the live Risk Control Webinars free of charge. All others are welcome to join us at $49 per session. To register, please contact us at 800.313.5888 ext. 2 or email us at rcwebinars@coverys.com.

Annual Service Plan and Trending Analysis Metrics

Our experienced risk control consultants analyze your facility’s incurred injury data by severity and cost. Trends are defined and detailed in an Annual Service Plan that pinpoints challenging areas that need enhanced attention to guide your organization to measurable improvement.

Website Tools and Resources

Coverys clients have exclusive access to a variety of training and education resources through a dedicated workers' compensation portal. Resources include direct links on health and safety topics, newsletters, downloadable and customizable tools, just-in-time training courses and webinars.

Hazard Control Assessments

Organizations that maintain health and safety excellence develop proactive injury prevention programs through regular assessments. Our consultants can perform safety reviews of high-risk departments to expose injury hazards. You will benefit from a comprehensive report that offers best practice solutions to address these exposures.

Ergonomic Evaluations

Our risk control specialists can identify barriers that are preventing employees from using ergonomically correct approaches to executing tasks. Barriers can result in awkward postures, overexertion or repetitive movements, which in turn reduce optimal performance and may result in injury, increased operational costs and decreased patient satisfaction. These barriers and subsequent risk factors can be identified during a focused ergonomic evaluation.

Training and Education

Health and safety education is available on-site or online, covering numerous critical health and safety areas. Examples include: leadership in safety, slip and fall prevention, safe patient movement, hazard communication training, dietary safety, and core elements of a safety and health management program.

Benchmark Assessments

As a provider of workers’ compensation insurance and self-insured services to a significant number of healthcare providers, Coverys is uniquely positioned to provide benchmarking analyses to compare with your organization’s claims experience.