Where Will the Storm Hit, and Is There a Silver Lining in the Clouds?

Coverys helps healthcare providers and executives improve clinical, operational, and financial outcomes with vital information, data, and insights from industry experts. Our free Vital Insights webinars are presented in a convenient one-hour format. You can attend live webinars or view them later on-demand. We invite you to watch the fifth webinar in the series, What to Expect with Claims Post COVID-19.

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This webinar reflects information available as of June 2021.


In March 2020, as the world braced itself for the unknown horrors of a global pandemic, the medical professional liability (MPL) industry battened down the hatches and prepared itself for a storm. As of June 2021, we find that though the COVID-19 clouds may be clearing, the storm may not have fully made landfall. Did it go back out to sea, or could it return and intensify? Rather than sitting passively and hoping the skies will clear, Coverys has intensified our efforts to prevent adverse outcomes and we continue to prepare to manage the deluge if it returns.

In this webinar video, experts Stephanie Sheps, Vice President of Claims at Coverys, and John Hall, Founding Partner at Hall Booth Smith, share their perspectives on whether another storm is brewing and the silver linings that could be lurking in the clouds. There are steps that healthcare professionals can take now to be in the best position to defend and prevent these claims in the future.

The webinar covers:

  • What is the PREP Act and what immunity does it provide?
  • What are the implications for providers in hospitals, long-term care, outpatient, and home health facilities?
  • Which states have immunity orders and how have they been applied?
  • What can we expect to see in litigation related to COVID-19 and care delivered during the pandemic?

Who should watch?

All healthcare professionals and providers, defense attorneys, agents, and brokers serving healthcare.

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