Webinar: Creating a Culture of Safety Excellence 

This webinar has been approved for Continuing Education Credit. Additional information can be obtained here.

A strong safety culture has the single greatest impact on injury reduction and promotes:

  • Safety
  • Employee confidence and retention
  • Organizational behaviors
  • Productivity

When an organization implements an effective safety culture, all employees work together to ensure that unsafe conditions are corrected and unsafe acts are not tolerated. The ultimate creation and success of a cultural safety process depends on leadership commitment and support as well as engaged employees. These factors help to bring about the safety culture “product,” which is that observable degree of effort to which all organizational members direct their attention to improving safety on a daily basis. 

This presentation stresses the importance of viewing safety as an organizational value and discusses the seven fundamental principles necessary for achieving a culture of safety excellence. 

Presented by: 
Karyn Price, ARM, CHSP
Senior Risk Consultant, Risk Control, Coverys

Karyn has worked in healthcare safety and risk control for more than 25 years. Her primary focus is providing risk control services to assist customers in the implementation of a results-oriented safety management and injury prevention process which positively impacts operational performance and the bottom line. Her experience includes training all organizational levels on the implementation of a culture of safety excellence.