Recent Foundation Efforts

The Coverys Community Healthcare Foundation responded to the unprecedented calls for action and aid in the COVID-19 emergency. We also focus on support for our company’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Addressing the Needs of Healthcare Providers and First Responders

Mobilizing the innovative spirit of our staff, we launched an Employee Giving Challenge. We asked employees to submit ideas on how to support healthcare providers who were navigating a new world of healthcare delivery during the crisis. The Foundation organized a huge collection of staff ideas into four critical themes and identified organizations that were working to fulfill services within these themes. The Employee Giving Challenge resulted in directing $500,000 to the organizations below.
Theme Organization
Masks/PPE for Healthcare Workers Get Us PPE;
Good 360
Emotional Support for Healthcare Workers and Their Families Schwartz Center For
Compassionate Healthcare
Good Grief Program
Food for Healthcare Workers and First Responders Off Their Plate;
Frontline Foods
Childcare for Healthcare Worker and First Responders YMCA

Helping to Feed Communities

The Foundation strives to be a good corporate citizen. As we saw communities struggle with food insecurity, we donated to food banks in communities where Coverys has a presence. In all, the Foundation donated over $700,000 to help feed communities.

We Committed to Incorporating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in All We Do

Coverys has recognized that we must prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) across our businesses. We asked what we could do to help our employees, business partners, and those we serve to embrace DE&I. With very strong support from all sides of the Coverys community, we are committed to knitting DE&I principles into all we do. The Foundation provided the NAACP Legal Defense Fund with a contribution of $50,000 and has pledged to extend this donation annually through 2024.

Engaging Our Employees and Directors

It is a Foundation tradition to provide directed donations and matching gifts on behalf of employees. Our donation programs were expanded to include COVID-19 relief efforts and community organizations working to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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