Claims Overview

Responsive and Dedicated Claims Support

Responsive and Dedicated Claims Support

When you choose Coverys, you can rest assured that we will work closely with you and provide professional expertise to help reduce the risk of claims, and, should claims arise, ensure vigorous defense from day one. You can be confident in working with our knowledgeable claims experts with experience in the law and healthcare. They are committed to prompt and thorough investigations, proactive litigation management strategies, and deployment of helpful resources for you and your staff.

Expert Claims Support

Policyholders benefit from a collective team approach with a track record of defense verdicts at trial, dedicated support from our Litigation Management Unit, and strategic use of alternative dispute resolution methods, when applicable. 

Robust Defense from Day One 

We provide continuous evaluation of liability to find the most appropriate resolution of cases, and facilitate collaboration with a selective, vetted panel of experienced medical malpractice defense counsel. 

Trial Preparation 

Coverys offers access to a database of expert witnesses across many different fields and specialties, and thorough witness preparation for depositions and trials.

Dispute Resolution 

Strategic use of alternative dispute resolution methods when applicable. Learn more about our REACT® Program.

REACT® Program

(Respond Effectively And Communicate Timely). This unique program provides resources to help your eligible organizations and healthcare providers to respond to a patient’s needs following an adverse event more effectively. The REACT Program is free to eligible policyholders.
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Superior Claims & Litigation Management

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"Coverys was very helpful in helping me prepare for the stand, to relieve my anxiety and also to give me confidence.”



REACT® is not available in all states and on all coverages. Consult with your producer or underwriter.

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