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Provider Excess Loss Insurance

Protection From Financial Risks Associated With High-Cost Healthcare Claims

Protection From Financial Risks Associated With High-Cost Healthcare Claims

Coverys Provider Excess Loss (PEL) insurance can help protect providers from the potential financial risks associated with high-cost healthcare claims. We provide coverages for physician groups, hospitals, and other medical providers taking contractual risk from either commercial payers or government entities.

Why Coverys?

With 45+ years’ experience protecting healthcare and proven financial strength, we help clients mitigate risk in an unpredictable healthcare market and share access to proven cost management resources.

How We Approach PEL Insurance

Coverys analyzes providers’ coverage needs, claim experience, and financial risk to assist provider organizations in mitigating financial exposure.

Underwriting Expertise

Our team deeply understands the complexity of healthcare and can assess the total risk exposure. We provide individual assessments and tailor coverage for each provider's unique needs.

Experienced Team of PEL Experts

The Coverys team has over 25 years of experience within the PEL industry specializing in underwriting, claims management, and providing support through clinical reviews.

Flexibility for Your Situation

Our PEL policy provides flexibility and mirrors the risk agreements for provisions such as contract periods, policy options, and coverage maximums.

Coverage Types

  • Specific only coverage. 
  • Aggregate coverage. 
  • Combined specific and aggregate coverage.

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Key Coverage Highlights

Learn about flexible Coverys policy offerings and our unique expertise.

Coverys provides strong protection for a wide range of medical providers. Our insurance can help cover both high-cost claims and an unexpected volume of claims.

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Coverage varies by state. Contact a Coverys agent or broker regarding specific coverages and pricing.

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