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May • 16 • 2024

Return of Body Tissue or Explanted Materials to Patients

Patient requests for the return of body tissues and explanted materials are becoming more commonplace, but they often take...

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April • 29 • 2024

Teach-Back: An Effective Patient Education Strategy

Teach-back is an effective communication technique that healthcare professionals can use to help ensure patients understand the...

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April • 10 • 2024

The Dangers of Intuitive Thinking in the Diagnostic Process

Cognitive biases impact practitioners’ decision-making ability and can lead to diagnostic error, patient harm, and claims.

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March • 29 • 2024

Vendors in Patient Care Areas: Liability Exposures

Pharmaceutical and device vendors in the healthcare setting can pose risks to patient privacy and create bias in prescribing...

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March • 13 • 2024

Discharge Lounges: An Innovative Way to Reduce ED Overcrowding

When well designed, discharge lounges can be an innovative, cost-effective way to relieve ED overcrowding by accelerating access...

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February • 29 • 2024

Managing Risk When Dealing With Biased Patient Requests

Biased patient demands are not uncommon. Healthcare facilities must establish procedures to help staff members manage bias...

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February • 22 • 2024

Electronic Health Record Inbox Management

Most practitioners receive communication and information from patients and other healthcare professionals by way of the electronic...

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January • 30 • 2024

Navigating Social Media in the Healthcare Sector

Social media in the healthcare sector has created new opportunities for community engagement, but risks include HIPAA violations...

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January • 22 • 2024

Recall of Vancomycin, Phenylephrine, and Fentanyl IV Bags Due to Potential Superpotency

On January 8, 2024, Leiters Health issued a voluntary recall of several batches of vancomycin IV bags, phenylephrine IV bags, and...

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