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June • 26 • 2024

Disclosure Best Practices

Disclosure best practices help practitioners respond promptly and effectively to the needs of patients following an adverse event.

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June • 25 • 2024

Liability Exposures for Dentists Working Outside of Their Primary Scope

Dentists who perform services that go beyond the primary scope of dentistry may face significant liability exposures. Learn about...

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June • 13 • 2024

Communication and Resolution: Lessons Learned From REACT

How should healthcare providers respond to and interact with a patient who has experienced a bad outcome or adverse event?

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May • 28 • 2024

Legal and Ethical Considerations for Treating Patients Without Families

Unrepresented patients pose unique challenges to healthcare facilities. Thoughtful policies can reduce both patient harm and...

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May • 20 • 2024

BlackCat/ALPHV and Black Basta Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are on the rise. Proactive strategies to mitigate cyber risk can help reduce exposure and limit liability.

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May • 16 • 2024

Return of Body Tissue or Explanted Materials to Patients

Patient requests for the return of body tissues and explanted materials are becoming more commonplace, but they often take...

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April • 29 • 2024

Teach-Back: An Effective Patient Education Strategy

Teach-back is an effective communication technique that healthcare professionals can use to help ensure patients understand the...

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April • 18 • 2024

Healthcare’s Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Balancing Benefits and Risks

Learn about the risks and opportunities associated with AI in healthcare.

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April • 10 • 2024

The Dangers of Intuitive Thinking in the Diagnostic Process

Cognitive biases impact practitioners’ decision-making ability and can lead to diagnostic error, patient harm, and claims.

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