The REACT Program

The REACT® Program

The REACT® Program

REACT® (Respond Effectively And Communicate Timely) is a program designed to address the needs of eligible Coverys policyholders and their patients after an adverse event has taken place. The REACT Program  provides eligible policyholders with consultation on disclosure and, if appropriate, apology, following an adverse event. If the adverse event is eligible for the REACT Program, policyholders receive consultation from our REACT Program manager who assists them through communications with the patient, including the disclosure and apology process.

Consultation and Guidance

Addressing an adverse event can be difficult for healthcare providers. REACT provides answers to your questions and helps support both your needs and those of your patient following an adverse event. 

Education Resources

Coverys provides resources including materials and references on the topic of disclosure, online just-in-time programs, and Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) programs.

Patient Financial Assistance

Under the REACT Program, patients may be eligible for limited monetary reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses related to the adverse medical event.

REACT Program Highlights

Don’t let an adverse event overwhelm you. Respond and repair with REACT.

"The REACT Program is a great idea, and it makes a tremendous impact on patient satisfaction and in reducing liability.”



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