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June • 26 • 2024

Disclosure Best Practices


Coverys REACT Program Team



Disclosure best practices help practitioners respond promptly and effectively to the needs of patients following an adverse event.

Even when patients receive appropriate treatment and everything is done right, an adverse event or complication can occur. Our Disclosure Best Practices videos provide an overview of the principles and best practices of disclosure to help healthcare providers effectively communicate with patients following an adverse event. The two-part series includes:

Disclosure I: Preparation and Documentation  (13:49)
Provides an overview of things to consider prior to meeting with the patient and actions you should take following the disclosure discussion.  

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Disclosure II: How to Discuss Difficult News and Unanticipated Outcomes  (18:59)
Outlines how to conduct the disclosure discussion, including: 1) How to begin the discussion; 2) What to say during the discussion; and 3) How to close the discussion.

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