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Insurance and Services That Keep You Free to Focus on What Matters Most

Insurance and Services That Keep You Free to Focus on What Matters Most

As a certified nurse midwife, you have innate risks associated with your profession and you need protection. Coverys is here to help. We have been a leader in protecting healthcare providers for 45+ years. In addition to A-rated insurance, you will receive robust risk management services, claims analytics, and world-class Med-IQ education resources to improve outcomes. Our long track record of success and financial strength ensures that Coverys will be here when you need us most. 

"The Coverys team provides excellent guidance regarding potential risks and insurance coverage, and their risk management and education services are exceptional."



Explore Insurance For Certified Nurse Midwives

Medical Professional Liability Insurance

Protection against malpractice claims, plus leading-edge analytics and risk mitigation services to help improve patient safety and reduce liability risk.

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Employer Stop Loss Solutions

Employer Stop Loss (ESL) coverage protects employers with self-funded health plans from catastrophic and frequent claim scenarios that can affect the company's balance sheet.

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Medicare Contractual Risk Protection

As healthcare payment transformation evolves, Medicare will continue to transfer financial risk on to participating providers.

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Provider Excess Loss Insurance

Coverys Provider Excess Loss (PEL) insurance can help protect providers from the potential financial risks associated with high-cost healthcare claims.

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A Guide to Purchasing Medical Professional Liability Insurance

Helpful information for when you are just beginning your medical career, are launching a practice, or simply want to learn more.


We Support Healthcare Professionals with Insurance Protection and a Comprehensive Suite of Services

At Coverys, we strive to provide our tens of thousands of policyholders with the protection they need to stay free to focus on medicine. Count on Coverys for proven protection and innovative services.
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Emotional Support
The REACT® Program

Services For Certified Nurse Midwives

Coverys offers risk mitigation services to help you improve outcomes.

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Coverage varies by state. Contact a Coverys agent or broker regarding specific coverages and pricing.

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