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February • 22 • 2024

Electronic Health Record Inbox Management

Most practitioners receive communication and information from patients and other healthcare professionals by way of the electronic...

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January • 30 • 2024

Navigating Social Media in the Healthcare Sector

Social media in the healthcare sector has created new opportunities for community engagement, but risks include HIPAA violations...

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February • 27 • 2023

AI in Healthcare: Emerging Opportunities and Risks

AI in healthcare may reduce spending and improve patient outcomes, but challenges in the technology and adoption require...

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October • 1 • 2022

The Mind of Medicine Podcast

This podcast series is produced by Coverys company Med-IQ, known for award-winning medical education. Host Donna Gabriel, senior...

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April • 26 • 2022

A Changing World: How the Pandemic Has Shifted Healthcare

The pandemic has inspired many to rethink strategies, technologies, and risk management practices. By doing so, the healthcare...

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April • 21 • 2022

Acute Hospital at Home Programs: Benefits and Challenges

With the explosion of telehealth technology, select patients with certain acute conditions can be safely cared for at home. A...

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January • 7 • 2022

5 Trends Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Will history look back on 2021 as the tipping point when the healthcare industry finally realized it could become more connected,...

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January • 4 • 2021

Allied Health Professionals – Managing the Risk

Learn more about incorporating best practices and mitigating risk for allied health professionals (AHPs).

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