Coverys leads the way in using analytics to help healthcare providers find ways to deliver safer care to their patients. Coverys Business Analytics services are strongly aligned with value-based healthcare. Based on directional data and business intelligence, these services can drive better risk management by informing decision-making and strategic planning. Not only can they help you survive in the emerging healthcare environment, they can help you thrive, by maintaining healthy cost sharing with payors while proactively reducing your risk for medical malpractice claims.
What Coverys Business Analytics services can do for your practice:

Participate in Coverys’ comparative data benchmarking community
  • ​​Identify where vulnerabilities in care have existed in the past and where they still may be present. With Coverys Business Analytics, you can review medical malpractice data sorted by peer entities/specialties, and benchmark the performance of your practice against a broader group of like entities.
Identify risk factors relevant to insured physicians/entities 
  • The Coverys Business Analytics assessment provides insured physicians, practices and hospitals with targeted insights into where they are most at risk for preventable injuries/adverse outcomes to patients. It also helps to identify approaches already in place that meet “high reliability” criteria—and reduce liability exposure.
Apply advanced analytics to your practice
  • Our Proactive Risk Prevention program can help you identify ways to manage risks, rather than being the victim of risks.
Create a risk mitigation “blueprint”
  • Let Coverys help you map out a plan based on our growing inventory of high-reliability care models that you can apply to areas of greatest potential risk.
Align your risk mitigation plan with ACO quality measures
  • Map your risk mitigation blueprint against quality performance measures that have been identified by payors to be critical in the ACO/shared savings environment.