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Save travel expenses and time while providing critical-thinking scenarios, organization assessments, and problem-solving exercises for your new and experienced risk managers. Live instructors teach these online courses to a limited class size to promote individualized learning. Learners who complete the course work and pass post-tests with a score of 80% or higher are eligible for CE credit for each module. Each class is approximately two hours in length and offers a certificate from Med-IQ for completion of all modules within a course.

Introduction to Risk Management—Learn concepts of risk identification and mitigation in the healthcare environment as well as explore legal issues and the role of the risk professional.

Infection Prevention—Help identify and prioritize infection prevention strategies to assist with your organization’s health and bottom line.

Office Practice—Designed specifically for office managers, physicians, and administrative staff members working in physician offices to learn techniques to enhance your practice’s risk management strategies.

Risk Management Advanced Series—Use as a follow-up course after completion of Introduction to Risk Management or for risk managers looking for more in-depth education on the core principles of effective risk management.