VisualDx® is a diagnostic clinical decision support system that helps healthcare providers make faster, more accurate diagnoses.
VisualDx leverages the innate human ability to recognize visual patterns by combining high-quality, peer-reviewed medical images and concise, actionable information to support today’s busy physicians in the accurate recognition and management of disease. Healthcare professionals can input visual clues, symptoms, current medications and/or patient history to help them make the correct diagnosis and avoid costly and dangerous errors at the point of care.

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Reduce Diagnostic Errors and Improve Patient Outcomes
10% to 20% of all diagnoses are inaccurate1 and may result in dissatisfied patients, harm, serious injury or death. Physicians and patients know that proper patient management and therapy depend on diagnostic accuracy. Using VisualDx can improve the diagnostic process and reduce the potential for diagnostic error.

1. Berner ES, Graber ML. Overconfidence as a cause of diagnostic error in medicine. American Journal of Medicine, 2008;121(5 Suppl):S2-S23. [PubMed].