The General Grant Program

The General Grant Program is a grant program that is available to all types of applicants for projects that align with our focus areas and that meet our Grant Guidelines.

General Grant applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis from January 17-June 30, 2023. The application review process is typically completed within 90 days of submission. In some circumstances, review time may be longer.

To be eligible for consideration for grant funding, applicants must comply with our Grant Guidelines and agree to follow our Reporting Guidelines. CCHF accepts and considers requests for grant funding from organizations pursuing innovative projects and solutions. The work outlined in the grant proposal must focus on advancement in at least one of the following areas:
  • Programs and initiatives to improve patient care and patient safety.
  • Programs and initiatives that promote healthy lifestyles.
  • Support of individuals and organizations that provide healthcare services.

All applications must be submitted through our online portal. For your convenience, you may use the Application Worksheet to prepare for the online application.

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