The Pillars Behind Our Company’s Culture and Long-term Success

Coverys’ mission, vision, and core values are the pillars behind our company’s culture and long-term success. These pillars are vital sources of direction for how we deliver products and services to our customers, the healthcare industry, and our communities. 


Mission: To support and protect the healthcare community. 

Vision: Better outcomes for the professionals we serve and our communities around the globe.

Our core values are the fundamental and enduring belief system in our organization. They guide how we interact with one another and with our customers and clients. Our core values include: 
  • Care. We have a commitment to understanding, supporting, and respecting our colleagues, customers, business partners, and communities. We are compassionate and charitable.
  • Connection. We place an emphasis on building trust and long-lasting relationships. We understand the importance of open communication and being responsive, flexible, and solution-oriented. 
  • Collaboration. We have a culture that encourages working together to generate new ideas and creative solutions. We ask for and listen to feedback as a way to achieve better outcomes. 
  • Continuous development. We believe in progress, innovation, and learning. We focus on improving and developing products, services, and ourselves. 

Committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) efforts are rooted in our mission, vision, and core values. We invest in our DEI employee team to build and support a culture where all individuals are valued for their similarities, differences, and unique experiences. We strive to be inclusive, diverse, and equitable as individuals and as a company, and we will continue to work and grow to live up to these principles.  

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