Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Valuing and Empowering Each Other Is at the Heart of Coverys

Valuing and Empowering Each Other Is at the Heart of Coverys

Coverys actively supports a company culture where all in our community are valued for who they are. Inspired by our customers, employees, and collaborators, we are solidly committed to extending diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) and corporate citizenship across our businesses and into the world. Our DE&I efforts are a vital, permanent part of Coverys. We are proud of our progress and invite you to read the Coverys DE&I Status Report to learn more.

Read Our DE&I Status Report

DE&I is a critical part of Coverys’ mission and values. Not only does it ground us in an internal commitment to embracing a more inclusive workplace, it also reinforces our belief in a truly equitable society as a whole.

People Are Our Priority

People Are Our Priority

Joseph Murphy, our CEO, and the Coverys leadership team have focused the organization on DE&I to ensure that we consistently: 

  • Listen with respect and empathy to understand the unique perspectives of others.
  • Expose each other to different personal experiences and perspectives, moving beyond bias to authenticity and vulnerability.
  • Educate ourselves on diversity, equity, and inclusion and use that learning to advocate for change.
Coverys DE&I: People and Programs

"It has been truly inspirational to see the impact of Coverys’ collective engagement and the power of what our employees have so far accomplished together."

Joe Zorola

Head of DE&I, Coverys

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