Working at Coverys

What Is It Like to Work at Coverys?

What Is It Like to Work at Coverys?

Our employees told us they valued a participative environment that provides the opportunity to play a pivotal role in executing strategy. By creating this environment, we have embedded “Employee Passion” into the Coverys culture. It means that we value employee involvement, knowledge sharing, bottom-up innovation, customer focus, creativity and performance. At the same time, we are mindful of the importance of work-life balance. We provide time for fun and networking with colleagues. And we demonstrate our respect for personal life by supporting telecommuting and flexible schedules.

The people who work at Coverys have made us a dynamic company and a thought leader in the industry. That’s why we support a work culture focused on employee engagement and professional growth.

Where and How We Work

Our open office layout and investment in collaborative technology encourages teamwork, personal communication, and camaraderie among employees—no matter where they work across the country, in our offices, or in a mobile environment.

Professional Development

We encourage employees to enrich their skills and knowledge through in-house training sessions, our talent management program, a generous tuition reimbursement benefit, and much more. We view professional development as a continuous process, vital to preparing our employees to meet the demands of our industry and the healthcare market we serve. 

Strength in Diversity

We value the diversity of our employees, and how different perspectives and experiences can build a greater understanding of our clients’ needs and an appreciation of each other. 

Committed to Community

Coverys supports charitable organizations and causes in which our employees are involved.  
  • Directed Donation: Employees are encouraged to get involved with charitable organizations, not only to raise money, but also to build awareness of community needs. Through our directed donation program, each employee may suggest charitable contributions be made to eligible organizations of up to $500 annually from Coverys.
  • Matching Gift Program: Coverys will match an employee’s donations to charitable organizations up to $1,000 annually.
  • Volunteer Time-Off Program:  Supporting charitable organizations and causes is about more than just money.  Volunteerism is vital to the survival of many charitable organizations, which is why Coverys provides each employee with one workday per calendar year to work as a charity volunteer.

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