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March • 13 • 2018

A Dose of Insight – Diagnostic Accuracy: Room for Improvement

White Paper

By Robert Hanscom, JD; Maryann Small, MBA; Ann Lambrecht, RN, BSN, JD, FASHRM



The issue of diagnostic inaccuracy is no small matter. Among our own insured providers at Coverys, diagnosis-related events are the single largest common root cause of medical professional liability claims.

This white paper belongs to our series, A Dose of Insight ®.

Diagnostic accuracy is far from simple. Arriving at a diagnosis is a process that is rife with pitfalls and variability and one that can trip up even the most skilled diagnosticians. To help improve diagnostic accuracy and patient safety, healthcare providers can benefit from fresh perspectives, data-driven insights, and new ways of thinking about the everyday activities that contribute to making an accurate diagnosis. This special report provides insight into the root causes of diagnosis-related claims based on an analysis of over 10,000 closed medical professional liability claims at Coverys across a five-year period.

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