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September • 9 • 2022

A Dose of Insight – A Nurse’s Crucial Role in Patient Safety

White Paper

By Mark J. Hakim, BS, MA, MBA, CPHRM, FASHRM; Robert Hanscom, JD; Marlene Icenhower, BSN, JD, CPHRM; Sara Miller, MS, CPHQ; Susan L. Montminy, EdD, MPA, BSN, RN, CPHRM, CPPS; Barbara Ricci, BS, AIC; Maryann Small, MBA



To prevent errors in nursing, we must understand what kind of errors happen, how frequently they occur, where they happen, and why they happen.

This white paper is part of our series, A Dose of Insight ®.

Coverys examined closed malpractice claims where nurses were directly involved in patient care and shares key findings in this report, including: 
  • The specific types of nursing responsibilities that pose the greatest vulnerabilities.
  • The financial impact, patient harm, and emotional toll these risks can cause nurses.
  • How communication, workplace culture, and chain-of-command issues factor into overall risk. 

Data-driven recommendations to help reduce risk and improve patient safety are also provided.

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