Cyber Liability and Protection Plus Coverage

Important Protections for Our Policyholders

Important Protections for Our Policyholders

Coverys offers policyholders protection for information privacy, information security, and certain regulatory actions. Our coverage is designed to provide immediate assistance with the investigation and notification process upon the discovery of a loss, or of a suspected loss, of private information. It is also designed to provide an assortment of expert resources, liability coverage, expense reimbursement, and/or fines and penalties reimbursement toward specific events.

Information Security and Privacy Events

  • Theft, loss, or unauthorized disclosure of information inclusive of disclosure due to security breaches, social media activities, etc.
  • Security breaches causing asset restoration costs and lost income due to downtime.
  • Cyber extortion events (e.g., ransomware).
  • Privacy-related federal, state, and local regulatory proceedings.
  • PCI Data Security Standard assessments.
  • Lost income due to reputation damage as a result of a data privacy incident.

Regulatory Events

  • Medicare/Medicaid audits.
  • Commercial Payor audits.
  • STARK violations.
  • Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) violations.
  • HIPAA compliance violations.

Other Events

  • Electronic crime and fraudulent instruction incidents.
  • ACO Professional Service claims.

Protection For Policyholders

Policyholders Receive Specific Coverages, at Basic Limits, Without a Premium Charge

Policyholders Receive Specific Coverages, at Basic Limits, Without a Premium Charge

We also offer policyholders the option of purchasing additional limits. If so desired, policyholders can purchase tailored limits and deductibles to suit their specific coverage limit and premium needs. In addition to our insurance coverage, Coverys provides access to a wealth of risk management information and support surrounding the topics of data breaches, privacy, and information security. 

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