Data-Driven Risk Protection for Self-Funded Employer Health Plans

Employer Stop Loss (ESL) coverage protects employers with self-funded health plans from catastrophic and frequent claim scenarios that can affect the company’s balance sheet. Coverage is customized to the employer’s risk tolerance and the coverage requirements of its health plan.

Coverys is a direct writer of Employer Stop Loss coverage. Our expert team of underwriters can help employee benefit consultants and brokers throughout the U.S. with:
  • Narrow network evaluations.
  • Building unique programs for individual agencies and captives.
  • Gaining access to Blues, United, Cigna, Aetna, and Anthem networks.
  • Reference-based pricing opportunities.

Coverys is known for uniquely meeting the needs of this market, delivering industry-leading claims analytics, healthcare marketplace intelligence, and risk mitigation resources that can positively impact your health plan’s performance to help employees gain quality care while lowering costs. 

What are the benefits of Coverys ESL?

  • Options to best support your plan – You can choose your deductible level, benefit period, and covered benefits.
  • Flexibility to customize – You can customize your plan to mirror your corporate culture, number of employees, risk tolerance, and financial goals.
  • Fast and responsive claims service – You’ll be able to count on our fast and responsive claims service, including electronic claims submission and reimbursement.
  • Healthcare marketplace intelligence and risk mitigation resources – Positively impact your health plan’s performance and help employees gain quality care while lowering costs.

The Coverys Difference

Coverys is a proven leader in providing specialized coverage in the healthcare marketplace for over 45 years. Our ESL team takes a holistic underwriting approach in serving self-funded employer groups. Coverys is a direct writer and supports employer self-funded health plans with customized coverage and policy options to best match the employer’s health plan coverage and risk tolerance.

The Coverys team will provide proactive recommendations on preventative cost mitigation strategies, providers, and facilities. This includes access to our proprietary intelligence and insight platform that enables members to choose “best value” providers with high-quality outcomes and lower cost of service in their specific geographic area.

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For agents and brokers: 
Medical Stop Loss Disclosure Form 
Employer Stop Loss Quoting Checklist