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This webinar reflects information available as of September 2021.


Healthcare in the U.S. is complex and fragmented. Patients are often assessed, treated, and monitored by multiple clinicians in multiple facilities, causing possible gaps that can increase vulnerabilities.

This video presents an in-depth review of care-transition vulnerabilities. Coverys data analytics and risk management experts provide insight into the root causes of claims as well as actions you can take to mitigate risk.

You’ll also hear from an expert in the trenches who is responsible for ensuring safe care transitions for a diverse, multi-cultural patient population.

The video provides you with information to answer:

  • What are the specific types of care transitions that pose the greatest vulnerabilities?
  • What are the top specialties to trigger claims?
  • How do poorly executed care transitions result in patient harm and financial impact?
  • What are the general principles for managing risk and improving safety for patients who visit multiple healthcare providers and facilities during their episode of care?

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