To support strong, effective risk management programs, Coverys customers have access to comprehensive products and services.


Personalized consultative services help you implement best practices and identify your unique risk profile. Our consultants bring an unbiased view to your organization and help overcome challenges. Consultation services vary by policyholder—consult a Coverys representative for details and learn more about:


  • Risk management service plan
  • Risk assessments
  • On-site education
  • Action plan support


Coverys risk management provides policyholders with a wealth of tools and resources, including information on risk mitigation strategies, areas of emerging liability, and a virtual library of materials to help pinpoint high-risk areas and develop policies and procedures. 

Resources may include: 

Emotional Support Resources
If the stress of a claim, adverse event, or physician burnout is negatively impacting your life, we encourage you to take advantage of confidential resources including:
  • Peer resource and support group.
  • Individual consultation.
  • Consultation for organizations and staff members.
These services are provided at no charge for healthcare professionals who are insured with Coverys.

Risk Management Consultation Line — 800.225.6168
Policyholders can speak directly with an experienced risk management consultant who can answer questions and suggest resources to help reduce risk and improve patient safety.

RisKey Emails
Emails that deliver topical and timely information that keeps policyholders up to date on important risk management and patient safety issues, new trends, best practices, and areas of emerging liability. 

Perspectives 360o Newsletter
Our risk management email newsletter that is designed to keep healthcare professionals informed about clinical issues, new trends, best practices, and emerging areas of liability. 

Risk Management Manuals 
Designed with proactive and contemporary solutions, our comprehensive manuals assist in establishing and enhancing risk, patient safety, and quality management programs. 

Tool Chest
Our tool chest provides user-friendly resources to assist policyholders in developing policies and procedures.  

Cyber & Regulatory Liability Portal 
This portal allows our policyholders to understand the scope of breach response resources available, prepare for data breaches, investigate incidences, and respond effectively. 


Coverys has educational programs and options to fit different learning styles and time constraints. Our policyholder portal contains downloadable programs and publications. Plus, our continuing medical education (CME) websites offer online learning, live seminars and webinars.

If you are not insured by Coverys and are interested in purchasing risk management services, please click here.