Coverys is dedicated to helping you reduce risk and improve patient safety through the use of risk management tools and resources. As a Coverys policyholder, you have access to a web portal with a range of products and services designed to help you meet the challenges you face in healthcare today. These include:

Risk Management Manuals

Of significant value to our policyholders are the Risk Management Manuals we provide.  They are a comprehensive resource that offers guidance to risk managers, administrators, physicians, medical staff and office staff in key risk management areas. The manuals also help in developing and enhancing a patient safety and quality management program, including risk identification, analysis, treatment and evaluation.

RisKey Email Subscription  

Keep your team up-to-date. Our RisKey emails are topical, timely emails that help your staff stay informed of important risk management and patient safety issues, including new trends, best practices, and areas of emerging liability.


Keep current on clinical issues, new trends, emerging areas of liability, and best practices to reduce risk and improve patient safety.


Education Programs 

Coverys develops programs based on current healthcare trends and makes them available to you online. We provide you with a library of educational activities in a user-friendly, easy-to-access venue, including multi-module courses on communication, documentation, dealing with difficult patients and much more.