Business Analytics

Advanced Business Analytics

Advanced Business Analytics

Coverys applies a data-driven approach, shifting from reactive mitigation to proactive and preemptive solutions. Our business analytics services identify exposures by comparing your organization’s claims history against a proprietary benchmarking database that contains the deeply rooted causation drivers of nearly 20,000 medical professional liability claims.

Risk Mapping

Our risk consultants leverage advanced clinical claims data and expert assessments to map the key drivers of risk to the specific vulnerabilities that result in claims. This ability allows you to know where your greatest vulnerabilities reside to address them before a negative outcome occurs.

Data-Based Risk Assessments

Our risk management team targets areas unique to your organization with Risk Assessments based on your specialty and pain points to allow for targeted risk mitigation.

Comparative Benchmarking Analysis

Following a data assessment, a summary of your findings from our claims analysis may be provided. This allows your claims to be coded and compared to peer groups and offers specific risk recommendations that align with evidence-based best practices.

Business Analytics Actionable Insights

Coverys uses data analytics to translate medical liability risks into proactive intervention strategies.

Coverys offers healthcare analytics expertise to help reduce medical errors and claims.

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