For healthcare organizations and practices that want their risk management discipline outside of insurance decision-making, Coverys offers unbundled risk management services.
We are national leaders in healthcare risk management and patient safety, and offer products and services designed to provide strategies for risk reduction and quality patient outcomes, while helping to build a culture of patient safety and high reliability.

The Benefits of Coverys Risk Management

You receive the most current risk management and patient safety consultation related to claims trends and best practices, combined with our vast knowledge of professional resources, strategies and methods. Our staff will help you accelerate the development of a proactive patient safety and risk management program in your organization to achieve measurable results plus assist in building a foundation to promote quality and patient safety as a way of life.  

The Coverys Approach

To address risk exposures head on, Coverys utilizes a continuous cycle of analysis and strategy implementation to improve practices and outcomes.
Our proven approach will help you:
  • Implement best practices
  • Utilize evidence-based medicine to support change
  • Teach innovative practices to improve patient-centered care
  • Assist in implementing high-reliability principles to reduce the frequency and severity of adverse events
To speak with us about any of our consulting services, please contact us at 517.886.7992 or
Customer Quote
“We have quite a few new office managers. Many sought me out to tell me how at ease Coverys made them feel as well as how wonderful it was to actually have them explain background information. I cannot thank Coverys enough for being so wonderful and patient with them.”
          -Hospital System Group Practice Manager