Risk Management

Risk Management Insured Services

Risk Management Insured Services

Risk Management Insured Services

To help our policyholders stay free to focus on superior patient care, Coverys offers access to a wealth of tools and resources to help pinpoint high-risk areas, develop policies and procedures, implement best practices, and so much more.


May include in-depth Clinical Risk Assessments, benchmarking data and/or gap analysis, virtual or on-site visits from dedicated risk consultants, and access to the Risk Management Consultation Line for urgent inquiries.  


Access to cutting-edge thought leadership materials including white papers, reports, Coverys Connect, RisKeys and more. 

Customer Portal 

Coverys policyholders have access to our Customer Portal – a convenient way to access resources and materials 24/7. 

Cyber & Regulatory Liability Portal 

This portal allows policyholders to understand the scope of breach response resources available, prepare for data breaches, investigate incidences, and respond effectively. 

Emotional Support 

We offer confidential emotional and adverse event support through the Coverys REACT® Program to policyholders dealing with the stress of potential claims as applicable. 


Offered through Coverys Risk Management and Med-IQ®, a Coverys Company. Education may include live and on-demand webinars with national speakers, guidance and instruction targeted by medical specialty, risk management development and quality improvement opportunities, and more as applicable. 

Services For Risk Management

“Coverys’ assessment helped prepare us well along with our internal strategies for our survey readiness journey.”

Patient Safety Manager


Products may not be available in all locations. Check with your producer or underwriter. Risk management materials are intended to provide general information (or education). It is not intended and should not be construed as legal or medical advice. Opinions of the panelists are their own and do not reflect the opinions of Coverys or Med-IQ. Availability of education services may vary by eligibility. Policyholders should contact their insurance producer or Risk Management Consultant for further information.

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