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June • 10 • 2021

Electronic Health Records: Documentation Pitfalls

The potential of the electronic health record (EHR) to improve patient care and safety was a major impetus in its adoption. Poor...

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June • 1 • 2021

Red Signal Report – The Risks and Rewards of Telehealth & Telemedicine

As medicine and technology continue to evolve, taking a step back to consider key areas of potential exposure is essential to...

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May • 13 • 2021

Informed Consent: It’s Not Just a Form

There are four components of informed consent and best practices for the informed consent process.

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May • 3 • 2021

Insights From 10 Years of Malpractice Claims Data: Part V

Coverys’ special report, A Call for Action: Insights From a Decade of Malpractice Claims, examines data derived from 11,000+...

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March • 11 • 2021

Documentation in the Age of Open Notes: 21st Century Cures Act

The sweeping healthcare legislation, the 21st Century Cures Act, provided funding for numerous healthcare initiatives and...

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January • 4 • 2021

Allied Health Professionals – Managing the Risk

Learn more about incorporating best practices and mitigating risk for allied health professionals (AHPs).

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October • 19 • 2020

A Call for Action: Insights From a Decade of Malpractice Claims

This milestone report is a call for action to make a greater—and more effective—investment in a safer healthcare delivery model.

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August • 18 • 2020

Red Signal Report – Value-Based Care

Currently, less than 20% of Medicare spending is value-based. By 2025, CMS wants to have close to 100% tied to VBC...

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February • 25 • 2020

A Dose of Insight – Surgery Risks

There are specific process vulnerabilities at each stage in the surgical episode of care. Understanding and working to address...

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November • 12 • 2019

Red Signal Report – Opioids

To help predict patient vulnerability to dependence and abuse, patient education and screening are critical. Providers also need...

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