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August • 28 • 2023

A Dose of Insight – The Importance of Patient Engagement

A lack of patient engagement is a significant and costly, yet remediable, risk.

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August • 24 • 2023

Best Practices for Patient Discharge to Avoid Escalation and Liability

When patient discharge is necessary, best practices can help providers avoid escalation and reduce practitioner liability.

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August • 10 • 2023

The Chain of Command: A Powerful Patient Safety Tool

Chain of command is a formal, structured communication technique used to resolve patient safety issues. Through this technique,...

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July • 26 • 2023

The Impact of Cognitive Bias on Diagnostic Error

Everyone is vulnerable to cognitive bias. However, when it affects practitioners’ decisions, it can lead to diagnostic error,...

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July • 18 • 2023

Diagnostic Test Tracking: A Common Source of Claims

Diagnostic testing is a foundation of the healthcare encounter. While technological advances have streamlined diagnostic testing...

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July • 12 • 2023

Value-Based Care is Changing the Healthcare Landscape

The U.S. faces increased healthcare spending coupled with relatively poor health outcomes. In other words, an unsustainable cost...

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June • 29 • 2023

Fraudulent Nursing Diplomas: Protect Your Organization

In January 2023, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General and the Department of Justice...

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June • 21 • 2023

Autonomy & Clinical Decision-Making: Three Approaches to Complex Cases

Since clinical decision-making impacts patient outcomes and moral injury, it’s important to consider different models that can...

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June • 15 • 2023

Sexual and Gender Minorities

Sexual and gender minority community members face considerable barriers to healthcare that place them at risk for adverse events...

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May • 30 • 2023

How Will Your Medical Documentation Hold Up in Court?

Medical professional liability cases often hinge on treatment documentation. Follow best practices and avoid common pitfalls in...

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