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April • 25 • 2023

Threat Assessment and Management Teams

Workplace violence is a growing concern in healthcare organizations. Threat assessment (TA) teams are one way healthcare...

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April • 20 • 2023

Healthcare Risk Data Strategy: Your Key to Improving Patient Outcomes

Leverage risk data in healthcare to develop proactive strategies that lower insurance costs while improving patient safety and...

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March • 29 • 2023

Data-Driven Risk Management for Advanced Practice Providers

Advanced practice providers are becoming a bigger part of the healthcare workforce, which is creating the need for new risk...

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March • 27 • 2023

Disruptive Practitioner Behavior

Inappropriate or disruptive practitioner behaviors can undermine open communication, trust, and collaboration, which are hallmarks...

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February • 27 • 2023

AI in Healthcare: Emerging Opportunities and Risks

AI in healthcare may reduce spending and improve patient outcomes, but challenges in the technology and adoption require...

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February • 23 • 2023

Cyber Risk Alert: Meta Pixel

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, especially in the healthcare arena. Proactive strategies can help reduce exposure and limit...

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February • 22 • 2023

Avoiding Ostensible Agency Claims

While using independent contractors is attractive for many reasons, problems can arise when the relationship between the parties...

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January • 17 • 2023

Avoiding Anticoagulant Errors: A National Priority for Reducing Adverse Drug Events

Learn what to consider when prescribing, managing, and monitoring anticoagulants in order to increase the success of mitigating...

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January • 12 • 2023

Travel Nurses: Risk Management Insights

Travel nurses provide critical relief for staffing shortages, but the rise in travel nurse usage has led to emerging healthcare...

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January • 10 • 2023

Isoflurane: Labeling Error

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) has issued an alert regarding reports of mislabeled isoflurane, a general...

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