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December • 13 • 2022

Improving Patient Safety: How Data Can Inform Risk Management

Data can help healthcare facilities improve patient safety, but first, healthcare leaders need to bring data from multiple sources...

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October • 5 • 2022

Note Transparency Requirements: Risk Management Considerations

New note transparency requirements are in effect. Strong risk management can help providers deal with the implications for patient...

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October • 1 • 2022

The Mind of Medicine Podcast

This podcast series is produced by Coverys company Med-IQ, known for award-winning medical education. Host Donna Gabriel, senior...

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September • 26 • 2022

Robotic Surgery

In order to mitigate robotic-assisted surgery risks, it is essential to carefully evaluate key program components in the context...

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September • 20 • 2022

Opioid Addiction: Empowering Recovery Through Healthcare

The opioid epidemic is creating a new need for addiction medicine. Modern treatments can be effective but are subject to...

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September • 9 • 2022

A Dose of Insight – A Nurse’s Crucial Role in Patient Safety

To prevent errors in nursing, we must understand what kind of errors happen, how frequently they occur, where they happen, and why...

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August • 15 • 2022

Medication Error: The Crucial Role of Nurses

Medication error is one of the leading causes of avoidable harm in healthcare organizations worldwide. While developing a strong...

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August • 2 • 2022

Using Plain Language to Support Safe Patient Care

Many patient documents are written above the average reading level. Using plain language can improve patient outcomes and reduce...

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July • 26 • 2022

Emergency Medical Care in a Post-Roe World

The ways that providers and healthcare organizations deliver reproductive healthcare will continue to change as the post-Roe legal...

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July • 18 • 2022

Pressure Injuries: The Crucial Role of Nurses

At 2.5 million cases per year, pressure injuries rank as the second-most common diagnosis listed on healthcare billing records. A...

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