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October • 14 • 2021

Case Study: Vicarious Liability

The legal principle of vicarious liability holds an individual or entity responsible for acts or omissions of another person. Most...

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September • 30 • 2021

Video – Care Transitions: Through the Lens of Malpractice Claims

Coverys experts provide insight into the root causes of claims related to care transitions and explain the actions you can take to...

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September • 16 • 2021

Healthcare Organization COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

Healthcare organizations should consider this information when determining whether to issue a COVID-19 vaccination mandate for...

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September • 14 • 2021

A Dose of Insight – Care Transitions

​​​​​​​This white paper provides insight into trends and root causes of claims involving care transitions.

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August • 23 • 2021

FDA Authorization of the Pfizer Vaccine for COVID-19

Consider this information before administering the Pfizer vaccine at your organization.

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August • 1 • 2021

Medical Device Safety and FDA Reporting

With advanced innovations in healthcare technology and the ongoing evolution of bioengineering, the medical device industry...

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July • 21 • 2021

Healthcare as a Target of Cybersecurity Issues

2020 was a year that saw many changes that particularly affected the healthcare community.

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July • 15 • 2021

Speech Recognition Technology

Speech recognition technology (SRT), the automated conversion of voice into text, is one solution that promises to combat burnout...

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June • 10 • 2021

Electronic Health Records: Documentation Pitfalls

The potential of the electronic health record (EHR) to improve patient care and safety was a major impetus in its adoption. Poor...

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June • 1 • 2021

Red Signal Report – The Risks and Rewards of Telehealth & Telemedicine

As medicine and technology continue to evolve, taking a step back to consider key areas of potential exposure is essential to...

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