Risk Management Resources to Protect Patients and Providers

Healthcare professionals want what’s best for patients. That’s why proven healthcare risk management best practices are so essential. They can help improve patient safety, reduce the risk of potential medical malpractice claims, and support delivery of quality care to patients. 

Risk management at Coverys is powered by a deep review of malpractice claims data, aggregated factors that drive vulnerabilities to patient care, and peer benchmarks. We have a relentless emphasis on helping providers, practices, physicians, and hospitals take action to reduce risk before harm reaches the patient.    

To help mitigate and manage unforeseen risks, Coverys provides a professional liability risk management team of experienced consultants who intimately know the healthcare industry. It is our goal to assist policyholders and organizations to develop best practices that promote a high-reliability care delivery environment.

The Coverys risk management team possesses expertise in a wide range of medical and surgical specialties. This diverse multidisciplinary experience allows for a holistic approach to the many complexities that impact safe patient care. 

Our knowledge of the value-based care reimbursement model and how it relates to proactive management of risk and improved quality measures make us a risk management department like no other.

Intelligence to Improve Patient Safety and Manage Risk

Today’s healthcare professionals need risk management strategies and tools that can help them make better decisions, support patient safety, and meet quality goals. When you choose Coverys, you have access to:
  • Healthcare analytics claims data to help you identify and address areas with the greatest risk of claims for your specialty. 
  • Resources to help you reduce common causes of medical professional liability claims. 
  • Tools to identify current and emerging patient safety issues that put you and your patients at risk.

A Complete Suite of Risk Management Resources and Support

The Coverys Risk Management Consultation Line – Assistance is One Call Away

Coverys policyholders can access our Risk Management Consultation Line for assistance with risk-related questions and concerns. This consultative service is managed by an experienced team of risk management experts. 

Consultative services* may include:
  • A customized risk management service plan.
  • On-site and virtual risk assessments. 
  • On-site and virtual education and training.
Customer Quote
"I have been very pleased with the risk management services provided by Coverys. The on-site risk management training and assessment services have been invaluable to our organization.”
          -Hospital CEO

Assessments* to Proactively Identify Risk 

Our assessments include:
  • Facility Risk Assessments that concentrate on high-risk clinical and focused areas.
  • Focused Practice Risk Assessments in such areas as diagnostic improvement, anticoagulation management, and opioid prescribing.
  • Practice Risk Assessment Analysis with specialty-specific assessment outcomes benchmarking. 
  • Medical Practice Leadership Risk Assessment. 
  • Care Transitions Risk Assessment. 

Emotional Support Services 

Policyholders who are dealing with the stress of a claim, an adverse patient outcome, or burnout can take advantage of confidential emotional support services consisting of individual consultation or support groups. Policyholders can access information on this confidential service by dialing the Coverys Risk Management Consultation Line.    

Specialized Risk Resources

Policyholders have 24/7 access to a library of expertly crafted sample forms, tools, protocols, and policies via the Coverys Customer Portal. These evidence-based resources can help reduce exposures and positively impact quality and patient satisfaction metrics. In an era where the healthcare delivery model is undergoing rapid change, we have up-to-date guidance on risks that are actively emerging and impacting the ways that providers are practicing. 

Resources include policies, forms, and best practices for more than 50 relevant risk management topics including disclosure, informed consent, medication safety, EMTALA, medical marijuana, HIPAA, diagnostic error, and credentialing. 

Newsletters & Updates 

Our experienced risk management consultants provide timely, actionable communications that keep policyholders up to date on patient safety and clinical issues, new trends, emerging areas of liability, and best practices to reduce risk and improve patient safety. 
Customer Quote
"Our risk contact is responsive, professional, and highly knowledgeable when responding to risk inquiries. She is also a great facilitator in connecting us with Coverys educational resources. We are comfortable in reaching out to her for expertise and useful healthcare professional liability risk guidance. She is a tremendous resource to us.” 

If Adverse Outcomes Occur

Despite even the best risk management efforts, a healthcare claim may still occur. If it does, Coverys representatives will be there to advocate on your behalf with a responsive, collaborative strategy. 

Learn more about our claim services

*Consultative assessment service offerings for policyholders vary based on account type, size, and identified need. Additional services may be available on a fee-for-service basis. Policyholders: Please consult with Coverys Risk Management or your insurance representative for information about services included with your policy at no additional charge.